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October 7th, 2006

12:02 pm - politics
My dad emailed me the other day asking me if he could donate some money in my name to his campaign (he is running for state rep in ID). He asked me earlier this year if I would donate my own money and I told him no because I didn't agree with his politics, and so this request really erked me. I spent a lot of time dwelling on it and finally decided to write him back. Writing something like to this to my father scares the shit outta me!Collapse )

Who knows what he may say to me, but I'm sure I'm the least favorite child now. Ooooh no!!

Also while on this subject.....everyone should do their best to see the movie America: Freedom to Facsism. It's all about how our income taxes are a load of shit and you don't legally have to pay them! Our taxes are paying off interest from a bank loan the government took out forever ago because our founding fathers were too corrupt to use the money we already had. Wow, don't you just love being an American??

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August 10th, 2006

10:25 am
Oddly enough I think I have mail gnomes. I never got the bag I traded Mony, which is sad, although I hope she is using that fabric I sent her for it anyhow. I have yet to get these shirts James sent me, which really sucks because one of them is for Ben.

Someone is stealing all my sweet ass mail! Those bastards...

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June 23rd, 2006

10:35 am - azurite dreams
Last night I had a dream where a mass of people were out in a field following cows around to pick through their poo to find mushrooms.

I just sat down to start Terrence McKenna's The Archaic Revival and this memory spawned on me. Maybe it's time for a good mushy brain session...

I was sleeping on the couch last night, not far from where I had placed the piece of azurite that I am giving Kyle for his birthday tomorrow, so maybe that had something to do with it. Rocks and plants have a good way of communicating together to get through to you.

I am stressed as all hell. I want to get back on the road so I can stop rushing around Seattle. I came home for one night, once again that's all I get. I am not a rock star, nor do I want to be one like Ben seems to live his summer life. I am so mellow and slow paced, and Ben is so rushed and constantly running around. I need to remember that we are different and just relax and not worry about getting everything done in one day. I just want some time to chill out!

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June 15th, 2006

09:46 am - Home again
Bela Fleck and the Flecktones are now my new heroes. After a long and intense weekend of amazing music, good fun, lots of new friends, too much heat, and waaaay too much molly for my head, Ben and I sat down for the Flecktones Sunday night completely sober (except, of course, for all that ganja we smoke, but that is pretty much sober for us). I was expecting amazing, I was expecting an awesome show, I was expecting to be blown away.

I was not expecting what I got...

I have never heard a show like that before. Ben shed tears almost the whole time, I kept turning around to show him my dropped jaw. I couldn't even believe it was happening. I was in awe the whole set.

Seriously the most psychedelic experience of my life.....and with the aid of no drugs what so ever.

I am still amazed by it. Hopefully I will get to see them two more times this summer, but at least once for sure.

Kansas was hot and flat and fun.

Ben and I have plans to go to High Sierra Music fest and 10k Lakes music fest and Oregon Country Fair (in between those two big music fests) and then who knows what else will come. I have fallen madly in love, so has Ben. Life is good and love is plentiful. I can not wait to get back out on the road. We have two weeks here before head back out...

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May 31st, 2006

09:16 am - Happiness does not equate skilled writing
Or often writing, or writing of any kind. I haven't even written for myself lately, and that's odd for me.

Way too much stuff to do in not enough days. I told Ben yesterday that he has to be in charge of time for me since it doesn't make sense to me, and he is the only one in this partnership that worries or cares about time.

Saturday evening we will be in Kansas.....I am half way scared out of my mind, half way excited as all hell, half way nervous, and half way not really thinking about it too much. How many halves do I have!?

Nah, I'm excited, I really can't wait. Everything is set up for us (we even have a room to ourselves friday night down in portland before we fly out), everyone is anxiously awaiting Ben's arrival and to meet this silly girl he has decided to bring out there with him. I keep asking myself how I ended up here, and then I realize it was all just meant to happen.

Soon I will be dancing barefoot in the grass to Bela Fleck's sweet solos, and Sound Tribe's crazy dance beat, and Pnuma's tripped out Pnuma-ness.....and the like. Aw, summer is here and the adventure is about to begin..

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May 6th, 2006

11:01 am
Ben put new stuff up on his metal workers page.....you should all check it out. God, he does amazing work. Check out the Star Fleet Commander on the "new gallery" (I was trippin out on this wrap the other night, I thought there was a whole galaxy in the back side...I am lucky enough to get to wear that wrap whenever I ask for it), as well as my momma's wrap he made (Judy's wrap). And then you gotta go look at the newer wraps gallery and look at the one that I wear all the time (mmm, I love that it's mine!)...it's the third row down, in the middle...tourmaline of all kinds (my favorite), lavendar scapolite, and a spinel. Such a good necklace for restoring my balance and clearing out my energies so I can focus myself a bit better. I asked Ben the other day if he minded me wearing that wrap and he just laughed and told me that was the stupidest question he'd ever heard me ask. So I guess he doesn't mind so much.

Less than a month and I will be in Kansas....eeeeep! I am nervous and scared and excited and ready for just about anything. I know it's going to be crazy and overwhelming, but luckily I will have Ben by my side to help me through..
Current Music: Toumani Diabate....check this amazing musician out!!

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May 5th, 2006

01:10 pm - A wonderful Message by George Carlin:
The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings but shorter tempers, wider Freeways, but narrower viewpoints. We spend more, but have less, we buy more, but enjoy less. We have bigger houses and smaller families, more conveniences, but less time. We have more degrees but less sense, more knowledge, but less judgment, more experts, yet more problems, more medicine, but less wellness.

We drink too much, smoke too much, spend too recklessly, laugh too little, drive too fast, get too angry, stay up too late, get up too tired, read too little, watch TV too much, and pray too seldom. We have multiplied our possessions, but reduced our values. We talk too much, love too seldom, and hate too often.

We've learned how to make a living, but not a life. We've added years to life not life to years. We've been all the way to the moon and back, but have trouble crossing the street to meet a new neighbor. We conquered outer space but not inner space. We've done larger things, but not better things.

We've cleaned up the air, but polluted the soul. We've conquered the atom, but not our prejudice. We write more, but learn less. We plan more, but accomplish less. We've learned to rush, but not to wait. We build more computers to hold more information, to produce more copies than ever, but we communicate less and less.

These are the times of fast foods and slow digestion, big men and small character, steep profits and shallow relationships. These are the days of two incomes but more divorce, fancier houses, but broken homes. These are days of quick trips, disposable diapers, throwaway morality, one night stands, overweight bodies, and pills that do everything from cheer, to quiet, to kill. It is a time when there is much in the showroom window and nothing in the stockroom. A time when technology can bring this letter to you, and a time when you can choose either to share this insight, or to just hit delete...

Remember; spend some time with your loved ones, because they are not going to be around forever.

Remember, say a kind word to someone who looks up to you in awe, because that little person soon will grow up and leave your side.

Remember, to give a warm hug to the one next to you, because that is the only treasure you can give with your heart and it doesn't cost a cent.

Remember, to say, "I love you" to your partner and your loved ones, but most of all mean it. A kiss and an embrace will mend hurt when it comes from deep inside of you.

Remember to hold hands and cherish the moment for someday that person will not be there again.

Give time to love, give time to speak! And give time to share the precious thoughts in your mind.


Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments
that take our breath away.

If you don't send this to at least 8 people....Who cares?

George Carlin
Current Music: Pnuma- live somewhere last year

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April 22nd, 2006

11:52 am - saddest day in history
Tickets to Tool sold out in under 60 seconds.....no one I know got any.

The thing that pisses me off is that somehow all these scam ebay ticket sellers have like 30 tickets (you were only allowed to get 2 per person) and they are now selling them for over 500 a piece. It's fucked up, I'm sad, I'm pissed, I'm going to find a way into this show. I figure I can go find Maynard before the show and sit down and chat with him about the world and life and crazy shit and maybe he will see how much of a fan I really am, how I actually understand his work unlike so many stupid fucking Tool kids that think it's all about darkness and being evil, and maybe he will let me kick it on the side of the stage.

I can manifest this all happening. It probably won't, but I am still gonna try.

For now I'm going to cry in the corner..

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April 18th, 2006

08:57 pm - attention!
May 2nd is the release of the new Tool album (of which I just listened to two tracks and they fucking rock)

May 2nd Tool is playing the Paramount in Seattle...tickets go on sale Saturday...I need to get my computer fu up to par.

I get to (hopefully) see Tool play before their new album even sinks in.

I may have just creamed my panties..

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April 7th, 2006

11:17 am - I'm not going to sacrifice my freedom of choice!
I'm just another woman lost..................


You are like fish in the water who don't know they aren't wet....as far as I can tell the world isn't perfect yet

I wish he'd never come here with me..I wish he'd never come near me

Some of Life's Best Lessons are learned at the Worse Times

through the pinch pull wincing, my smile unconvincing, on the sterile battle field that sees only causulties

Never Heros

my heart hit absolute zero

Current Mood: help me

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